Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sales Shopping

hello, so i went sale shopping this year using the money i got from christmas but mainly the money i had saved up throughout the year. i got quite a few bargains this year especially in the superdry store, i didnt know they did offers in the shops! So they shops i went in this year were superdry obviously, clintons, john lewis, cath kidston and primark. I will start with superdry first, so from here i bought a jumper for myself was £44.99 down to £22.50 and also a coat for my dad which was £114.99 down to £58. In joh lewis i bought these amazing salt and pepper shakers in the shape of magic wands! £9 down to £4 i love them so much!!! A yankee candle from clintons £16.99 now £8.48, in cath kidston i got some red ribbon £4 now £2 and a travel sewing kit (for a pressie) £16 down to £8 and last but not least i went to primrk and got 2 pairs of jeans £7 each and a scottie dog onesie £7, which will stay at my mums house <3

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