Monday, 31 August 2015

What I wore in Amsterdam

Hello everyone,
Thought id post on what outfits i wore whilst away in Amsterdam, hope you enjoy.

Day One.
Today i wore my white skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins, with my pink floaty top also from Dorothy Perkins. I wore Converse on my feet and for jewellery i wore my rose gold statement necklance from asda, my Michael Kors watch and my Pandora bracelet and ring.
Day Two.
Today i wore my floral jumpsuuit from asda with red ballerina shoes from primark.
Day Three.
Today i wore my navy polka dot dress with my red ballerina shoes both from primark.
Day Four.
Going home today so i re-wore my whit jeans with a plain black T-shirt. Some chunky chelsea boots which i bought from a shop called pull and bear.

Through out the week i always had my Pandora bracelet and ring on, along with my Michael Kors watch and bag.
Lots of Love.

Sunday, 30 August 2015


Hey Guys,
On Monday 24th August i went to Amsterdam with my friend Conor, It was lovely. The plane journey was only an hour long and it went so fast.
When we arrived we were greeted by our taxi driver who was lovely and let us know the best parts of Amsterdam and recommend places to eat.
Once we arrived at our hotel we dropped our bags off and went to explore, i was actually surprised at how many shops from the UK were there, H&M, Zara, Lush just to name a few.
We wandered down the canals, dodged the bikes and trams. Visited Amsterdam's own version of lock bridge, and visited the museums. We also visited the red light district as you have to do when in Amsterdam, but it definitely wasn't my sort of place.
We stayed till Thursday so it was only a couple of days away but it was worth it to get out of England and explore. Hopefully i will have many more adventures to come. Let me know what places you would recommend to visit in the UK or abroad in the comments. Lots of Love.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Rose Gold Statement Necklace

Hey guys,
Today's post is about my rose gold coloured statement necklace which i bought from Asda a few days ago. Its beautiful, and it matches my Michael Kors watch perfectly. This necklace also comes in silver so you don't have to have rose gold and It was only £6.00. Its made up of several different flowers with pearls as the centre and goes perfectly to glitz up a plain t-shirt.
However this necklace is quite flimsy and gets tangled quickly as its so thin and ive also already lost a pearl from the centre of one of the flowers but i can always buy some more and glue them in.
I really like this necklace but you do have to be extremely careful with it.
Lots of love
Soph xx

Thursday, 20 August 2015

No7 Nail Varnish Review.

Hey guys,
Hope your all ok and enjoying the summer holidays if your a student at school or uni. And if you work I've hope your work is going well and you've had some annual leave to enjoy the sun on the rare days we get it in England. Today I thought I'd blog about the no7 nail varnish I purchased the other day from Boots.
The first colour i picked up was in the shade 'moon shimmer' which is a beautiful purple shade with glitter. This one is actually a gel look. £7.00
The second one is a pinky glittery one which is in the shade 'Milan' and this one is just from the stay perfect range. £6.00
Both nail polish's have lasted and not chipped, although ive had to take it off due to work, so ive only had it on for a couple of days. But so far i would definitely recommed No7 nail varnish and will definitely be purchasing some more.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Mac Lipstick In Lady Bug

hello, so as promised a few months ago, i'm finally getting round to do a post on my mac lipstick, this lipstick is from mac in Debenhams in the shade lady bug £15.50, its my first mac product and its absolutely amazing, i'm really pleased with it. Definitely worth the £15.50. This shade is a beautiful red colour as you probably would guess by the name. Its really 'creamy', goes on really easily and lasts a long time. Love Soph xx
Let me know what your favourite mac lipsticks are!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Lady Million Perfume

i thought id do a post on Lady Million by Pacco Rabanne, i love this perfume, its gorgeous. it smells absolutely amazing and makes you feel fabulous whatever occasion you wear it to. I paid around £43 for a 50ml bottle as it was on offer at the time and you got a free bag from the perfume shop. They are still doing the free bag offer online but the price now is £51.99 still slightly cheaper than other places though. I would definitely recommend this perfume to anyone.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Shopping Trip....

Thought I would show you what I bought the other day. The perfume is lady million by pacco rabanne and ive wanted this perfume for ages! i love it so much, and it even came with a free bag this was £42.50 from the perfume shop. The lipstick is from mac in Debenhams in the shade lady bug £15.50 i will probably do another post on this so you can see a picture. The rest is from Primark, the dress was £10.00 it comes with the belt, the shoes were £14.00, the headband was £4.00 and the little clips were £3.00. Again sorry for the lack of pictures will try to do another post with pictures on. Thanks for reading and Lots of love to you all xx