Monday, 20 January 2014

Thomas Sabo Bracelet

Hello, So I thought I would write a post about my Thomas Sabo bracelet. Now I actually got my bracelet for Christmas, which was a complete surprise so I was over the moon when I opened it :) My parents had left it in its original box and bag but wrapped it up (in Disney princess paper, eek).It came with a really cute little heart charm with love engraved on it. I wanted to buy a bow charm for it but the charms are quite expensive so as I also have a Pandora bracelet I thought I'd buy the new bow charm for that instead as its a little bit cheaper. In the end though I decided to treat myself and buy the gorgeous silver sparkly bow charm for my Thomas Sabo bracelet and even though it was £50 it was definitely worth the money :). Love Soph xx

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