Sunday, 9 February 2014


Hello Everyone, Today I decided to make some homemade brownies, I've never made brownies before so it was completely new to me. I got the recipe from a be-ro book which we've had in the cupboard for ages. I swapped some of the ingredients such as plain chocolate for milk chocolate and the dark brown sugar for light brown sugar just to use up some of the things in the cupboards and they still tasted nice so I don't think it made much difference. If you wanted to make some you could check the be-ro website it might say on there or just Google chocolate brownies I'm sure there's plenty around. These would make cute gifts, you could pop the brownies in a jar and decorate it (I made some for my grandparents so did this.) Love Soph xx


  1. They look yummy and such a lovely gift idea! :)

  2. Yum! These brownies look so delicious Sophie! Such a cute gift idea!

  3. Mmmm those look yummy, I'm craving brownies now! Have you ever tried chocolate brownie flavoured milkshake? It's amazing!

    1. Thank you and no I haven't tried it, will definitely have to try it! xx