Saturday, 11 January 2014

Eeyore Slippers

Hello Lovelies,
I thought I'd review these really amazingly cute slippers I bought a few weeks ago. They are from Primark (yes I do like to shop in Primark a lot) they were £5. I had actually been looking for these eeyore slippers for ages and when I finally got a pair I was over the moon :). These slippers are really comfy and keep your feet cosy and warm, they have little grip things on the soles to stop you slipping. The back of the slippers has eeyores tail on complete with little bow :) You can get other Disney character slippers in the same style although I cant remember which ones! (I think there was  a Minnie mouse one) But if you have seen them and were thinking of buying them I would recommend them! They are worth the money and if you love Disney they are perfect for you.
love Soph xx

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